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Laser Engraving and Cutting

A guide to PPLD's laser engravers/cutters


At this point, the material should already be in the laser cutter and the bed should be set at the focal point. If not, go back and set up the machine before proceeding.

Using the Cutter

  • The latest job sent should be displayed on the cutter’s screen. If this is the first job sent, it will probably say “Job 1: Untitled-1”. Subsequent jobs will be numbered Job 2, Job 3, etc. If you had saved the file, it would say the name of the file instead of “Untitled-1”.
  • Make sure the ventilation system is on before using. The location of the switch will vary by branch; please ask a staff member if you do not know where it is.
  • Turn on the Air Assist (the metal box below the cutter) for any material except paper, fabric, and glass.
  • If everything is ready to go, make sure the lid is closed and press the green “Go” button.
  • If anything goes wrong, press the red “Stop” button and lift the lid.
  • Do not leave the laser cutter unattended while it’s running. If you have to leave, press the Stop button and wait for it to stop before leaving. Press the Go button again to resume.
  • Do not lift the lid of the laser while it is running for any circumstance. Always wait to lift the lid until the lens has completely stopped.
  • If you want to cancel a job, press Stop and then Reset. If you select the job again, it will start from the beginning.

Next Job

Once your job is finished...

  • Remove the material and any scraps from the bed.
  • If you want to repeat the same job with the same settings, simply put a new piece in and press Go to repeat the last job.
  • If you want to change the settings, go back to the PC, adjust the settings, and then resend the job.
  • If you want to repeat the same job on the same material, do not touch the material, and simply press Go to repeat the job.
  • If the next piece is of a different thickness, you will need to refocus the machine.


When you are done with the laser cutter:

  • Remove your material and any scraps from the bed, but do not worry about anything that fell under the cutting grid.
  • Close out the program you were using. If you are planning on working on the same project again, save the file to your flash drive.
  • Log out of any email or other websites you were using.
  • Be sure to take any flash drives with you.
  • Turn the Air Assist off if you were using it.
  • Leave the laser cutter on.
  • East only: Turn the ventilation system off. Other locations: leave the ventilation on.
  • Return everything to it's proper location. Take all personal property with you.
  • Let the staff member on duty know that you are done.
  • Do not clean the machine. If it is exceptionally dirty, please let the staff member know.