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Laser Engraving & Cutting

A guide to PPLD's laser engravers/cutters

General Information

Before Using the Laser

  • Using the lasers in our spaces requires a "badge." Please visit the Badging tab on the left of the screen for information on how to complete the badging process.
  • If you are under 18, you must submit a completed Creative Space Use Agreement (link below). You can request one at any makerspace desk, or print one out and bring it to a makerspace staff member.
  • Adults must agree to the Creative Space Use Agreement terms when making a reservation.

Reservations and Time Limits

  • Lasers are available by reservation at East Library, Library 21c, and Sand Creek Library..
    • Reservations are for 1 to 2 hours, up to 2 times a month.
    • They can be made up to one week in advance.
    • Walk-ins are permitted - even if both reservations have already been used - however, usage of the machine cannot be guaranteed.
    • See the link at the bottom of this box to reserve one of the lasers.
  • The person using the machine must match the registered name.
  • If the registered person does not check in within the first 15 minutes of the reservation, it is forfeited and the time is given to the next person in line.
  • Projects, including prep and cleanup, must be completed by the end of the reservation.
  • If there is no reservation or walk-in after your designated time ends, staff may be able to extend your reservation.


  • There is no cost to use the machine.
  • PPLD provides one 6" x 12" x 1/8" piece of wood to use with the laser each session.
  • PPLD does not sell materials to use in the laser. 
  • Certain locations may have a bin to take or leave scrap materials.
  • All materials must be approved by staff. Don't worry, we're friendly!

Laser Engraving & Cutting Machines

PPLD has three laser cutters and engravers - one at East Library, one at Library 21c, and one at Sand Creek Library. All three function nearly identically, however Library 21c's differs slightly from the other two in terms of size and power.

Laser Cutters:


Library 21c

Sand Creek & East


Epilog Helix 24

Epilog Zing 24

Bed size



Max Height




75 watts

60 watts

Rotary Attachment



Resolution (DPI)

75 - 1200

100 - 1000

Weight limit

70 lbs.

50 lbs.

Lifting Weight limit

30 lbs.

25 lbs.


File Types:

  • For Engraving: .png (recommended), .bmp, .tiff, .jpg, .gif, .ai, .ps, .svg 
  • For Cutting: .svg, .ai


Materials: Please see the Materials page for a list of which materials can and cannot be used with the lasers.