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PPLDCon 2018

This guide covers information and resources concerning PPLDCon 2018.

Colorado State Library Professional Development


Christine Kreger is the Colorado State Library’s first full-time Professional Development Consultant, bringing over 25 years of training and continuing education experience to the table. She is passionate about the transformative power of adult learning and the need for engaging and interactive learning opportunities for library staff, both in person and online (from

PPLD staff had the opportunity to select the session that will be offered for Breakout Sessions One and Two:

Confidence Counts: Increase Your Confidence Quotient

   *   Do you hesitate to try new things, take risks, or challenge yourself?

  *   Do you hold yourself back because you feel like you aren't good enough, or that you don't have enough skills or experience?

  *   Do you sometimes feel like a fraud or that you're just faking it?


Join us for a lively discussion as we explore the complexities of confidence and its impact on the library profession. Together, we will examine common barriers to confidence, and consider specific strategies to boost confidence in ourselves and in our peers.

Click here can view some of her archived webinars. Or, visit the CSL's Colorado Learning and Creation Center to see more projects she oversees. You can also visit her website.