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PPLDCon 2018

This guide covers information and resources concerning PPLDCon 2018.

Kris Boesch

Workplace Culture expert, Kris Boesch will provide the keynote address.

Make Happy Work: How to Experience More Joy in Your Workplace

If the district’s reorg or multi-year project has you feeling a bit outside of your comfort zone, know you are not alone.  Growing pains are never easy.  Yet on average you spend over 2000 hours of your life every year at work.  Struggling to enjoy work most days is not an option.  Good news, even if you’re not the head honcho, you can create a more positive workplace experience for yourself and your co-workers – even in the face of uncertainty.   Instead of sugarcoated rainbows and butterflies, you will receive genuine, proven ways to improve your personal work context as well as experience more meaningful camaraderie with your co-workers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Clarity on What You Can Control
  • How to Take a Stand for Shared Joy
  • Top Ten Ways to Spark Your Work Experience

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