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PPLDCon 2018

This guide covers information and resources concerning PPLDCon 2018.

PPLDCon 2018 FAQ

What is PPLDCon 2018?

  • PPLDCon 2018 is our annual Staff Development Day. Unlike recent years where staff members are divided into three groups to attend the same three sessions, staff will have control over which sessions they attend. Some sessions will be led by PPLD staff and some by outside speakers. 

When is PPLDCon 2018?

  • President's Day--Monday, February 19, 2018

What time do I need to arrive?

  • The opening session will begin promptly at 9 am in the Venue, plan to arrive about 8:30 for coffee and light refreshments.

Where do I enter?

  • West entrance by Collection Management, the east entrance off Chapel Hills, and the south entrance off Jamboree.  Be sure to bring your FOBs!

How many hours we will be paid?

  • Eight Hours, 8:30-4:30 pm. It will be a working lunch.

Where will this be held?

  • PPLDCon 2018 will be held at Library 21c, 1175 Chapel Hills Dr., 80920. 

What will the schedule look like? (this will be updated frequently, stay tuned for details)

  • Click here to see the schedule.

How do I sign up for sessions?

  • Sign up  will be available ahead of time in Munis, the early bird will catch the worm! Once we announce the session options and have designated locations, there will be a capacity number for each session. Once a session reaches capacity, it will be closed. 

What's for lunch?

What time does it end?

  • 4:30 p.m.