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PPLDCon 2018

This guide covers information and resources concerning PPLDCon 2018.

2018 Chief Librarian Awards

2018 Chief Librarian Award Winners

Teamwork Award: This award recognizes the team that best serves their fellow employees or provides great customer service to our patrons, while maintaining excellence in their respective positions.  The award is a breakfast or lunch for the team.

  • Adult Services & C3

  • Collection Management

Behind the Scenes Award:  This award recognizes an employee who works behind the scenes, enabling other staff members to do their jobs. These employees do not typically work directly with patrons.  Their duties provide an invaluable contribution to the organization and help ensure the smooth operation of the Library.   What these employees do “behind the scenes” impacts the way each member of the organization is able to provide excellent customer service.   Behind the Scenes employees are the cornerstones of the foundation supporting the Library.   The award is $100.00 per winner.

  • Chris McKenzie, Penrose Circulation Department. 

  • Justin Philbrick, IT Department. 

Innovator Award:  This award recognizes an employee that has taken a risk and made the effort to introduce new methods or changes that benefit a Department, Branch, or the Library District as a whole.  The award winner receives $100.00.

  • Brady Nickerson, now at 21c in Children’s’    

Excellence in Service Award:  This award recognizes an employee who is consistently recognized by their peers and the public as providing exceptional service to the public.  Our front-line staff members are the face of PPLD and these people make a great impression.  The award is $100.00 per winner or a Breakfast/Lunch for a Team. 

  • Heidi Buljung, Adult Services Penrose. 
  • Bill Thomas, Special Collections. 
  • Sand Creek Branch Staff.  

Leadership Award: This award recognizes an employee who excels in a leadership role for a project, team, or work group.  This inspired employee leads in an encouraging and responsive way while looking at the big picture.  The award is $100.00 per winner.

  • Becca Philipsen, Adult Services, Penrose.   

  • Trish Blakely, Old Colorado City. 

  • Antonia Krupicka-Smith, Adult Service, Library 21c

Green Award: This award recognizes and employee or department that has taken extra steps to help PPLD become an organization that embraces sustainable practices (suing renewable resources/being accountable for environmental impacts).  The PPLD Green Team encourages staff to be aware of how we can integrate these practices throughout the District, rewarding those who have taken a special initiative or unique response to the challenges faced in becoming a sustainable organization. The award is a breakfast or lunch for the Team

  • Cheyenne Mountain Branch Staff