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Workforce Readiness Training

This libguide is designed for those who are entering the workforce or looking to brush up on their skills.

Welcome, learners!

Welcome to PPLD's Workforce Readiness Training!

Welcome! We are excited you are here! This is an online learning experience to prepare you to enter the workforce or to help you brush up on your career skills. When you complete the training, you will earn a certificate.

There are short quizzes throughout this training. These quizzes will give you immediate feedback on what you learned. To earn the certificate, you need to pass each quiz. After you complete the training and pass the quizzes, we will ask for your name and email address to send you the certificate. 


We would like to collect your quiz scores and look at them later. Doing this will help us make this training better and make sure that it’s helping you learn. We would keep your quiz scores without your name and we will only look at them if you give us permission. 


You can still get the certificate without giving us permission to look at your quiz scores. It’s totally up to you. At the beginning of each quiz, you can decide if we can look at that quiz score or not. Your quiz scores will not be connected to your name or email address. 


If you have questions about this training or how we are going to use the quiz scores, please contact Britt Bloom at

Ready to get started? In these webpages, you will find everything you need to complete this Workforce Readiness Training. Choose the basic or intermediate track to get started. Basic is recommended for younger learners, while intermediate is meant for ages 15+.