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Workforce Readiness Training

This libguide is designed for those who are entering the workforce or looking to brush up on their skills.

Things to Watch

Watch the video "Focus & Concentration" from the Crash Course Study Skills course.

Watch the video "Professional Behavior at Work".

How to Be Positive at Work by The Great Office Escape

Watch the video "How to Be Positive at Work".

Things to Read

Things to Do

Demonstrate accountability at school by:

  • Showing up to school on time.
  • Submitting assignments by the deadline.
  • Preparing for quizzes and tests.
  • Dressing appropriately (following school dress-code)
  • Honoring commitments to extracurricular organizations like clubs, sports teams, and activities.

Demonstrate accountability at work by:

  • Showing up to work early
  • Calling and emailing your supervisor to tell them you will miss a shift as soon as you know you will need to miss it
  • Signing up for shifts in a prompt fashion
  • Dressing appropriately (wearing your name tag, t-shirt and appropriate bottoms)
  • Filling out your timesheet each shift

Module 1 Quiz