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This guide offers information and links on how to start a podcast.

Hosting Sites & RSS Feeds

Once an episode is recorded, a podcast host assists in delivering it to podcast consumer apps such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or Spotify. Hosting services may be free or charge a small monthly fee.

The hosting service creates a custom RSS feed for the podcast that publishes new episodes on podcast apps as they are uploaded to the hosting site.

It is possible to create an RSS podcast feed manually, but it is suggested to use a host site. If you are interested in creating your own RSS feed, see the "RSS Feeds" link below. If you would rather use a hosting site, keep scrolling.

Free Hosting Sites

Popular free podcast hosting sites include:

Want some more insight into which would be best for you? Watch this video:

Paid Hosting Sites

Paid hosts offer more functions, customer support, and options to help build and grow an audience. Many of the free hosting sites above also offer the option to upgrade for additional paid services. Below are some premium, pay-only hosts.  

For more information about free and paid sites to find out which would work for you, click here: