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Makerspace Staff Guide: Equipment Maintenance

Covers routine maintenance for makerspace equipment.

Routine Maintenance and Basic Troubleshooting

For routine cleaning and maintenance for makerspace machines as well as basic troubleshooting, please view the tabs on the left.

If you have questions not covered in this guide contact Sarah Holland ( / Creative Services (

CrS Machine Repairs

Tracking for Creative Spaces Repairs is done through Solar Winds, the same helpdesk system used by IT and Finance (linked below). Tickets should be used to track all repairs, whether they are handled at the location or if you need help from CrS. The list is not used to track general maintenance, like routine cleaning.

The list also:

  • Notifies CrS staff immediately when a new ticket is added.
  • Improves communication about issues and the status of repairs.
  • Logs how issues were resolved to aid future repairs.

The information collected in this list is helpful for data-driven decision making on things like:

  • If we should move away from a particular model of equipment.
  • How many staff/staff hours we would need to oversee more equipment.
  • Better budgeting for our repair lines.

We ask that you be diligent in recording any repairs that have to be completed - even small ones like removing a filament jam on a 3D printer.

For full instructions on the options specific for entering tickets with the Creative Services category, see the PDF linked below.