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Sewing Machines

This guide offers information about the sewing machines in PPLD's Makerspaces.

Quilting Resources

Quilting for the Complete Beginner

The Seasoned Homemaker provides a great introduction to the craft of quilting, including basic tools, unfamiliar terms, and tips for quilting on a budget.

Glossary of Quilting Terms

If terms like bearding, sashing and binding leave you feeling mystified, check out the National Quilters Circle's handy glossary of quilting terms for some quick illumination.

Block of the Week: 52 Quilt Block Patterns

In 2021, local Colorado Springs shop Ruth's Stitchery ran a Block of the Week quilting blog, with free instructions for 52 different quilt blocks. Difficulty levels vary from beginner to advanced. 

More Free Quilt Block Patterns

A library of more than 100 free quilt block patterns with instructions. Most patterns include cutting instructions to make the block in several different sizes.

Choosing Batting for a Quilt

Author Amy Smart provides an easy-to-follow guide on choosing the right batting (the interior, insulating layer) for your quilt. Very helpful for first-time quilters!

Beginner's Guide to Machine Quilting

Once you've sewn your quilt blocks and chosen your batting, it's time to actually quilt your quilt! Suzy Quilts provides this beginner's guide to machine quilting on a home sewing machine.

Quilt Binding Tutorial

Binding a quilt's edges is the very last step in the process! This tutorial from Amy Smart walks you through creating and stitching a quilt binding, including those tricky corners.