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A guide with information on how to begin a variety of creative projects from the comfort of home.

Clothing Repair: Introduction & Materials



Have a pile of clothing that needs mending, but you haven't had the time? Is your favorite pair of jeans getting too baggy, but you can't get to the store to find a new pair? This page includes a variety of resources to help you fix your clothing at home. Some repairs require a sewing machine, but most of the simple fixes can be done with a needle and thread. Knowing how to repair your own clothing can not only help you save money, but can help you avoid unnecessary waste. Look through the lists below to get started on repairing your clothing!

Tools to keep on hand

  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Measuring tape
  • Tailor's chalk, pen, or something washable to mark your fabric with

Useful Links

Getting Started - Don't know where to start? Try these links:

Mending - Trying to figure out how to fix something? Check out these links for tips and tricks on sewing buttons, hemming, fixing / replacing zippers, and mending holes:

Visible mending: Take your mending a step further to customize your wardrobe with your own unique style:

Alteration - If your clothes aren't fitting you quite the way you want them to, look over the links below to learn how to take in your clothes (make them smaller) or let them out (make them bigger):

Upcycling: Give your old clothes new life by trying these ideas! If you don't have anything to upcycle, these are great ideas for thrift store finds, as well:


How to Reduce Your Fashion Footprint

An average consumer throws away 70 pounds (31.75 kilograms) of clothing per year. Globally, humans produce 13 million tons of textile waste each year - 95% of which could be reused or recycled. Read more.

Fashion Industry Waste Statistics

Think Long Term

When buying a new item of clothing, ask yourself whether you’re going to wear it at least 30 times. If not, don’t buy it!  Read more. 


Upcycling clothing is a versatile craft! You can turn the pair of frayed jeans into shorts for the summer. Old T-shirts can be ripped up and used as cleaning rags. Check out our section of links on upcycling above for some ideas. 

Donate Old Clothing

Here is a list of places in El Paso County where you can donate used clothes:

Here is a list of places where you can donate other types of used textiles:

In the Catalog

If you want to get deeper into the subject of clothing repair, look at these books in our catalog: