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Lulzbot 3D Printing

A guide for PPLD's Lulzbot 3D printers

Contact the Makerspaces

Library 21c: 
    (719) 531-6333 x1549

East Library: 
    (719) 531-6333  x1372

Sand Creek Library: 
    (719) 531-6333 x7018

Manitou Springs Library: 
    (719) 531-6333 x7004

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What is Thingiverse?

Thingiverse is an online community where users upload and share a wide array of files that can be 3D printed. Files are free to download under a Creative Commons license.

How to Find Files

Thingiverse allows anyone to download 3D models, no account or sign-in required. You can browse through popular items, various categories, or search using specific keywords. 

Once you find a model you would like to 3D print, you can download the files onto a flash drive and bring them with you to the makerspace. 

What does a Creative Commons license mean?

Thingiverse uses Creative Commons licenses to allow other users to download, modify, and distribute 3D models on the site. However, there are different types of these licenses that allow for different usage. Some, for instance, may restrict commercial use of the 3D model. 

Use the links below to learn more about Creative Commons copyright.