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3D Printing

A guide for PPLD's 3D printers


At this time, the 3D printers are not available for public use.

Instead, Library 21c, East Library, and Sand Creek Library are all offering drop-off printing services. Visit the link below to learn more.

Machine Specific Safety

The 3D printers have motorized and heated parts. Always be aware of possible hazards when the printer is operational.

Electric Shock Hazard

Never open the electronics case when the printer is powered on. Before removing the electronics case cover, always power down the printer and completely turn off and unplug the printer. Allow the printer to discharge for at least one minute.

Burn Hazard

Never touch the hot end nozzle or heater block without first turning off the hot end and allowing it to completely cool down. The hot end can take up to 20 minutes to completely cool. Never touch recently extruded plastic. The plastic can stick to your skin and cause burns. The print surface can reach high temperatures that are capable of causing burns.

Fire Hazard

Never place flammable materials or liquids on or near the printer when it is powered on or operational. Liquid acetone, alcohol, or other chemicals may release vapors that are extremely flammable.

Pinch Hazard

When the printer is operational, take care to never put your fingers near any moving parts including belts, pulleys, or gears. Tie back long hair or clothing that can get caught in the moving parts of the printer.

Fume Hazard

Please don't hover over the machine while it's running, as 3D printing releases ultrafine particles into the air surrounding the print. 

3D Printer Filament Policy

PPLD provides a variety of filament types and colors for use with our 3D printers. Patrons are not allowed to bring outside filament for use with PPLD machines.