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Video Production

A guide with tips and trips on how to produce a video, from the pre-production process to the editing phase.

The Mechanics Behind Telling a Great Story

The essence of a great story lies in its ability not only to make the viewer care, but also to make them forget. Forget their worries, their problems, even their pain. The story helps the viewer enter a new, magical world that is extremely appealing. 

Storytelling is an essential part of communication. It is the most effective way to learn, digest information, become energized, be influenced, and get carried away.

Although it seems quite challenging to master the art of storytelling, when you manage to understand the main principles of a great story, you are in a position to deconstruct them and build a system off of them.

Below we have provided three essential processes widely used to construct a narrative, develop characters, and to push the story forward in a timely manner.