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Virtual Courtroom Access at PPLD


You can now make a reservation for a room and check out a laptop at PPLD in order to attend a virtual courtroom hearing.  Reservations need to be made 48 hours in advance and are subject to library approval.  For Ruth Holley Library, it is suggested to make a reservation two weeks in advance in order to guarantee availability.

Virtual courtrooms are now available at the following locations:  

  • East Library, Room E1: 550 North Union Blvd 80909
  • Library 21C, Room B1: 1175 Chapel Hills Dr 80920
  • Penrose Library, Room D2: 20 North Cascade 80903
  • Ruth Holley Library, Room H1: 685 North Murray Blvd 80915
  • Sand Creek Library, Room G1: 1821 South Academy Blvd 80909 (closed Mondays)

To make a reservation please visit: and select location on the lower left or call (719) 531-6333 option 3. 

To check out a laptop to access the virtual courtroom, you will need a valid library card.  To apply for a free library card you will need an ID and proof of address.  You can apply for a low barrier card without proof of address. 

If you have questions about this program, or need help making a reservation please contact Deb Hamilton at (719) 531-6333 ext. 6058 or


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