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This guide offers resources that have been chosen to provide information to parents, educators, grandparents, and child care providers.

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Early Literacy

Welcome to Early Literacy!  The interactions that young children have with such literacy materials as books, paper, and crayons, and with the adults in their lives are the building blocks for language, reading and writing development.  Help your child grow up to be a successful reader and learner from birth.  Children learn about reading and writing long before they can actually read or write.  There are five simple practices that parents and caregivers can use to help children get ready to read:

  1. Talk
  2. Sing
  3. Read
  4. Write
  5. Play

Online Resources

Early Literacy Blogs

Tips for Shared Reading

  • Show your child that reading is important and fun.  Be a reading role model and let your child see you reading!
  • Read together everyday and talk about the books you read.
  • Ask open-ended questions while reading.  Talk about what is going on in the story and pictures.
  • Be excited about the story, even if you've read it a million time! 
  • Be expressive! 
  • Make books available everywhere! Have books located in a spot where your child could reach without assistance.