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Job Search & Career Tools

This guide provides information and resources for job seekers.

What's a Learning Path?

Learning Paths are a collection of courses on LinkedIn Learning that focus on certain subjects, such as finding a job, developing soft skills, or learning new software. They contain videos, tutorials, and exercises that can help you learn valuable skills to enter a new career or advance in your current one.

  • Courses can take anywhere from 2 - 23 hours. Each course is different. Your LinkedIn Learning account will track and maintain your progress so you can learn at your own pace.
Certificate of Achievement 
  • Once you complete a Learning Path, you can verify your achievement with a certificate. 
Learning Paths
3D + Animation Audio & Music
Business CAD
Design Developer
Education + ELearning IT
Marketing Photography
Video Web

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Recommended Learning Paths

PPLD staff selected several LinkedIn Learning Paths that address finding a job and building employability skills. Brief descriptions and recommended videos are found in the documents below.