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Note: Citation generators are never 100% accurate. If you decide to use these resources, you must check them for proper formatting before including them in your paper.

Citing Sources with Opposing Viewpoints in Context

You have to cite the sources in your research for several important reasons. It avoids plagiarism, it lends credibility to your argument, and helps others find the sources you used for their own research. Library resources, such as databases, often have tools to help you make citations and keep track of your reading. This tutorial will show you how to using the tools included in Opposing Viewpoints in Context database.

When you open an article or source in Opposing Viewpoints in Context there are two places to look for the information needed to create citations for your paper. First, under Article Commentary, you will find publication information, such as: title, author, date published, and the publication, which you can use to create citations. Second, is the Tools on the right side of the page.

The Tools on the article page offers many ways to work with the source you are viewing:

  • Citation Tools: see information on the next slide.
  • Highlights and Notes: You can make highlights and notes directly on the page by selecting text with your mouse and clicking either "highlight" or "notes". If you decide to download the article, your notes and highlights will be included.
  • Send to Google Drive: Save the article directly to your Google Drive for easy access later.
  • Related Subjects: Click the "+" to see subjects related to the current article. This can be a great way to find more sources and in-depth research.

Click the Citation Tools button in the toolbar will actually generate a citation for you. You can choose which citation style to use by selecting from the drop-down menu on the top left. It even does the hanging indent for you, so it's ready to copy into your paper.

Note: This citation generator, like other web-based citation generators, it is not 100% accurate. You still need to double-check that all the required information is contained and properly format. Refer to the Citation Style Guides box at the top of this page for more information.