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Debate Issues & Paper Topics


Are you working on  a research project? This guide offers an overview of some of PPLD's research resources. The resources are best suited for an argumentative research paper, but can be applied to other research projects as well. Use the blue boxes on the left side of the page to navigate the guide and find information and best practices for using the PPLD's resources for your research.

Need Help with a Research Project?

Are you working on a research project or other homework assignment? PPLD has you covered! is a great resource for all your research needs. Click through these slides to find an overview of the resources. You can also find quick research tutorials on the Choosing a Topic, Gathering & Evaluating Sources, and Citation Tools pages.

This is the PPLD Teens Homepage. In addition to educational resources, this page features event information, contests, volunteers opportunities, and much more. For homework and research help, click the Homework link at the top of the page.

After clicking the Homework link, you will be taken to the Homework Help landing page. You can contact PPLD Young Adult Services using the Email button, and find tutoring and writing help at the bottom of the page. HelpNow by Brainfuse is a database that offers live tutoring Sunday - Friday from 2-11pm, as well as, a writing lab where you can upload your paper and get feedback from experts. Click to the next slide to find more information about the homework resources in blue.

Use the blue boxes on the upper left side of the page to navigate the Homework Help Guide.

  • General Resources offers a list of databases and recommended websites which offer general homework help for many common subjects and topics.
  • Databases offers a curated selection of PPLD's databases by subject.
  • Subject Guides is page that links to other homework resources collected in PPLD subject guides. There is more information on subject guides on the next slide
  • Debate Issues & Paper Topics will bring you to the guide you are currently viewing. There is more information about this guide on later slides.
  • Standardized Test Prep  offers links and ideas for preparing for standardized test.
  • PPLD Teens, PPLD Kids, and Search the Library catalog link to those pages on PPLD's website.

What Are Subject Guides?

  • Subject Guides are mini-websites that offer resources and library services on a specific topic or subject. 
  • Click on one of the blue tabs to the left of this page to navigate through the guide and access resources.
  • All pages are printable (see option at the bottom of this page).
  • Subject Guides are accessible at the library, or from anywhere in the world with wifi, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • You can search for information or resources in the search box at the top right of the page.

The Debate Issues & Paper Topics guide - the page you are currently viewing - is the best resource for all your research paper needs. It includes information on choosing a topic for your paper, formulating a thesis, and citing sources. It also includes tutorials for how to use the Opposing Viewpoints in Context Database.

Use the blue boxes on the left side of the page to navigate the Debate Issues & Paper Topics subject guide.

  • Choosing a Topic includes information about how to choose a topic and formulate a thesis statement for a research paper, as well as, a tutorial for using the Opposing Viewpoints in Context database to explore possible paper topics.
  • Gathering & Evaluating Sources provides information on finding and evaluating different types of sources for use in your project.
  • Citation Tools offers information on correctly citing your sources, and some tricks for how to get library tools to do that work for you.
  • The Opposing Viewpoints in Context, Database Research, Recommended Websites, and Writing Help boxes link to PPLD research and homework resources.