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What is a LibGuide?

How subject and research guides are used by public libraries.

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So, what exactly is a LibGuide?

Springshare’s LibGuides are a content management and information sharing system designed specifically for libraries. LibGuides are user-friendly, efficient electronic resources that can meet the information needs of our patrons online.

This LibGuides system is commonly used by librarians to create research or subject guides. Guides are the outermost component that functions as a mini-website on a topic or subject. They contain pages, boxes, and content. For example, the resource you are currently viewing is a guide. 

Why is PPLD switching from Recommended Websites to LibGuides?

PPLD is switching from Recommended Websites to LibGuides in order to increase access and use of the following:

  • Library Resources and Services
  • El Paso County Resources and Services
  • State of Colorado Resources and Services

Within the next year, Recommended Websites will no longer exist on our website. What does this mean?

  • The majority of websites maintained by outside organizations will not be searchable on PPLD's official website in the future. Therefore, when patrons search our website, fewer results will be listed. This means that staff and patrons will have a more precise list of results when searching for library programs and services on our site.

What are the benefits of LibGuides?

  • Guides will be linked to and searchable at
  • There is a link checker tool in Springshare's LibGuides that helps us keep track of broken links.
  • We can organize core and relevant resources on a specific topic or subject into one webpage (aka. guide) that is accessible 24 hours a day.
  • You can give patrons a URL that will take them directly to a guide.
  • We can combine features of social networks, wikis, and blogs on a particular subject.
  • We can make RSS, programs, and podcast feeds easy to use.
  • Anything we create is printable, so it can be used as handouts.
  • We can update the information on the page at ANY TIME, so patrons can have access to updated material ASAP.
  • We have integrated chat technology into our guides for constant communication with patrons.
  • And, the list goes on!

Benefits for Patrons.

  • Information is organized and resources are presented in a linear, intuitive fashion.
  • Give us the opportunity to meet the needs of patrons with diverse learning styles.
  • In the digital era, this service is convenient for patrons who can't (or won't) come to the library.
  • Patrons can access guides from their home, a coffee shop, or from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Patrons can start their preliminary search from LibGuides while at the library and continue to access the same resources while traveling.
  • Allows patrons to focus on the relevant and sift out the less relevant resources.
  • Visually demonstrates that there are great resources, in multiple formats, on almost any topic. That reassurance builds the confidence of patrons who are getting started on their search.

Who can I contact about LibGuides at PPLD?

If you have:

  • Questions
  • Suggestions
  • Need Assistance
  • Or, would like to chat!

Then please contact:

Janina Goodwin, Head of Adult Services, or Bryan Matthews, Adult Services Division,

Pikes Peak Library District