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The News is Everywhere: How to Spot the Good, the Bad, and the Make Believe

Information is everywhere, and it can be hard to keep up with, let alone, ensure the news you are receiving is accurate. This guide is designed to encourage readers to examine the information they receive and feel empowered to determine its validity.

Is this photo real?

Images can evoke powerful emotions without any words.

When you see a photo, the image is real, however, what is the context of the photo?

Before sharing, take some time to understand the context of the photo. Look for text that explains why the photo was taken and by whom. If there isn't anything more than a sensational headline, do a reverse image search in Google and see where else the photo is being used. Try to find out when and where the photo was taken and does it match the headline. Google the headline to see if there are other articles that either prove or disprove the claims being made.

Another very helpful tool is Google's reverse image search. Google will look for the image and source information. Links to instructions are below.