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Job Search & Career Tools

This guide provides information and resources for job seekers.

Key Terms

What is a resume? This is a document used in order to present a persons work history, education, and skills. They are typically used to secure new employment. 

What is a curriculum vitae? (often appears as CV or vita) This is a document written as an overview of a person's work experiences and other qualifications for a job opportunity. It is similar in purpose to a resume. 

What is a cover letter? This document is used as a letter of introduction that is attached to a resume or curriculum vitae. Typically, cover letters are meant to introduce yourself and catch the attention of a potential employer, explaining why you are suitable for the desired position.

Resume & Cover Letter Overview


A resume is a document you prepare that tells prospective employers exactly what you want them to know about you and why you would be a good fit for an open position. A resume should be tailored to the position being applied for and show the company how you can do their job. It should showcase your skills in an easy-to-read, logical, and concise format.  

Basic information on a resume includes (not necessarily in this order)

  • Name and contact information
  • Employment history/work experience
  • Education
  • Additional skills and information

Cover Letters

Most resumes are accompanied by a cover letter or a cover email. Your cover letter is your first introduction to the employer and should be be customized for the position you are applying for. The challenge of the cover letter is not to repeat everything you included in your resume. 

Generally, cover letters should

  • Address a specific person
  • Be clear about your intent
  • Show how you are the best candidate for a job
  • State your next actions

The resources below will help you learn more about resumes and cover letters.

Resume Resources

JobNow is a library database that provides real time resume assistance. You can upload your resume for feedback to the Resume Lab and get assistance from a resume expert. JobNow also provides easy to use templates to help you create or modify a resume. Servicio disponible en Español, puede cambiar el idioma usando el boton que se encuentra arriba a la derecha de la pantalla.

The Pikes Peak Workforce Center is the American Job Center serving El Paso and Teller counties. They connect vital businesses with work-ready job seekers and employer-driven services. 

PPWFC's job coaches are available to assist job seekers with resumes and cover letter tailoring to help you get your next job. PPWFC also provides workshops to help you improve your resume. 

Cover Letter Resources