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Antiques & Collectibles

This guide offers websites and books covering Antiques and Collectibles.

Reference Books.

What is a reference book? This is a book that cannot be checked out from the library. However, these books are intended to be referred to while researching a specific topic or subject. They are typically authoritative and scholarly, making them great resources for students.

Key terms and quick reference

An antique is typically an object that is collectible, such as a piece of furniture, jewelry, or work of art. These collectible items may or may not have high value because of their considerable age. 

Consider the following:

  • What material is it made of?
  • Is it from a specific region or country?
  • Does it have a brand or signature/mark on it?
  • Can you determine the age of the item?
  • Do you have a bill of sale or certificate of authenticity?

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