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CNC Guide

A guide to using the Shopbot CNC machine in MAKE ll at Library 21c

What is VCarve Makerspace Edition?

VCarve Makerspace Edition is a special version of VCarve that enables patrons to use VCarve Pro on their home computers to create projects to use with the CNC located at Library 21c. Patrons can download the trial version of VCarve Pro and by connecting it to the PPLD Makerspace, they can have unlimited use of the trial version. Projects created on the Makerspace Edition can only be used in the Makerspace that they are connected to, but there are no other limits in terms of features or number of uses of the software.

To use VCarve Pro on your computer, download and install it, then put in the Makerspace ID.

Downloading & Installing

Note: VCarve Pro is only available for Windows

  1. Go to the link below to get to the download page.
  2. Click "Download VCarve Pro Trial" Download button
  3. If you have or want an account you can log into it here, or click "Download as Guest" to skip this step.
  4. Run the VCarveProTrialEdition_Setup.exe installer.
  5. Choose an installation path or leave it as the default one.
  6. Click install.


Before using the trial version of VCarve, you need to connect it to the PPLD Makerspace.

  1. Open VCarve
  2. Under the Help menu, select "About VCarve Pro Makerspace Client..."
  3. Click the "Enter Makerspace ID" button.
  4. Enter the following code into the MakerspaceID field:


Click "OK" and the software will tell you to restart it. Close VCarve and the next time you open it, it will be tied to PPLD.

If you ever need to disconnect your copy of VCarve Pro Trial without uninstalling it:

  1. Go back into the "About VCarve Pro Trial Edition..." section.
  2. Click the button in the middle, which will now say "Change Makerspace ID".
  3. From here you can connect to a different Makerspace by putting in its ID or completely disconnect the software by leaving the field blank.
  4. Click OK and restart VCarve.

Using Files at PPLD

Important notes about using the Trial version:

  • You cannot save toolpaths from your computer - you will have to bring in the VCarve *.crv file. In VCarve, click Save As under the File menu and save the file to your computer. Transfer the file to a USB flash drive or upload it to cloud storage to access the file from the PPLD computer connected to the CNC.
  • VCarve will need to authenticate your file as one connected to PPLD's Makerspace, which requires an internet connection. If the PPLD network is down, you will not be able to use your file. PPLD staff cannot override this authentication.
  • In addition to the computer connected to the CNC, Library 21c has several computers available in the Edit Bay that have access to the full version of VCarve Pro. These computers can be used whenever the library is open (talk to a staff member to get signed into one). Files created on these computers do not need to go through the authentication process described above and you are able to save toolpaths.