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Educator Resources

This guide outlines services and resources for the teachers and educators in the community

What is an Educator Card?

Who is the Educator card for?

Teachers and educators: preschool - grade 12; includes homeschool and post-secondary (university or college educators).  The Educator card is separate from an individual patron account.  A person who is an educator could have both accounts.

How will people prove they are educators?

Educators will show their school ID badge; homeschoolers will show their “Notice/Letter of Intent to Home School” with child’s name and address, plus school district involved. The school needs to be in El Paso County.

Homeschoolers may also show an ID card or documentation from an umbrella school that handles the administrative paperwork for the homeschool student. The homeschooler must live in El Paso County to be eligible for the Educator account.  

Please Note: An educator that lives in Security/Widefield, but teaches at a school in El Paso County can obtain an Educator card. 

How will an Educator’s Card be renewed and how often?

Accounts will have a one-year privilege. Educators will have to show educator proof annually to renew their Educator card.

Circulation Rules: Educator cards

  • 50 item checkout limit.
  • Checkout period of 6 weeks and 1 renewal, for items other than Classroom Sets. 
  • If the item is normally able to be auto-renewed, it will be auto-renewed for the Educator account.
  • No overdue fines.
  • Materials for personal use should not be checked out on the educator account.

Please Note: Interlibrary Loans cannot be placed on an Educator account.