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Market Research

Marketing research can be very difficult to get started on unless you know where to begin. Pikes Peak Library District has many resources available to help you with your research.

Market your Product or Service

If you are trying to market a product or service, or find out more information on your target market, the tools that you need are very different from researching your industry. Once you have identified your market, you can gather information on your potential customers. An understanding of your potential customers will help direct your marketing to the market segment most likely to buy your product or service. Some questions to answer are: Who will want my product or service? What are the characteristics of my target market? What are their spending habits and what are they willing to spend? What is the spending potential for my business? 

Below are resources for demographics, consumer characteristics, spending habits and target markets. 





Consumer Behavior, Buying Power and Spending Habits

Target Markets



Demographics - International

Demographics - U.S.