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Starting a Business in El Paso County

This guide will help those thinking of starting a business and not sure where to start. It will provide resources and contact information for small businesses starting out.


Grants & Funding for Non-Profits


Financing for your small business may be attained through investors, loans, and other financial institutions. Generally, most new businesses are, at first, financed by personal investments. 

For more information about financing your small business see the Colorado Business Resource Book.


Frequently Asked Questions


Online Sources



Early Stage Investing and Crowdfunding

Gale Directory of Early Stage Investment

A guide to more than 4,500 angel investment groups, business incubators, venture capital firms, associations, and resources needed to help entrepreneurs start or grow their business


Crowdfunding is an option for entrepreneurs to obtain money for their small business. 

Online Sources




Finding grant money, or "free" money, for your business it tough. Grants are often competitive if they are available at all. If any funds are available you can find them on the website.


Questions about grant money. 


Online Sources