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Mountain of Authors

This guide provides information about a free annual community program for local authors and writers.

2023 Virtual Showcase Authors

Becky Van Vleet is a retired teacher and principal and award-winning multi-genre author. She and her husband make their home close to Colorado Springs where she enjoys gardening, hiking, oil painting, power walking, and spending time with her family, especially reading books to her grandchildren. A member of ACFW, Becky has devoted her website to creating and preserving family memories and sharing family stories for the next generations through her monthly blogs.  You can find her at:


Becky Van Vleet is a retired teacher and principal and award-winning multi-genre author. She and her husband make their home close to Colorado Springs where she enjoys gardening, hiking, oil painting, power walking, and spending time with her family, especially reading books to her grandchildren. A member of ACFW, Becky has devoted her website to creating and preserving family memories and sharing family stories for the next generations through her monthly blogs.  You can find her at:

Benjamin M. Weilert is an award-winning multi-genre writer from Colorado who writes whatever stories pop into his head. He is on a mission to write something in every single genre…eventually.

Currently, he has written a Young Adult science fantasy trilogy (The Fluxion Trilogy), a memoir about climbing Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks with his father (Fourteener Father), a guidebook to movies (Cinema Connections), a children’s picture book (This is Not a Drill), a hard science fiction survival story (Buried Colony) and many other short stories that have been published in anthologies—as well as his The Ascent of the Writer collection.

Every novel he has ever written has been during National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). He has won the challenge 12 times in a row and plans to win for many more years to come. Currently, he is the Municipal Liaison for the Colorado Springs region: helping other novelists find their stories and write them down. He currently lives in Colorado Springs with his supporting wife and children. You can find him online on social media as “BMW the Author.”

Catherine Kelly, or Cat as she is known to her friends, has lived most of her life along the east coast of Massachusetts. After years of learning to manage her ADHD while surviving waves of anxiety and depression, she's molded it into imaginative creativity, and has practiced her craft in writing for over the last 20 years. For her, nothing can be more exciting than losing herself within a story, and music has always been the magic in opening portals into different worlds, whether it's traveling back in time, exploring a haunted house, battling airship pirates, or soaring through the cosmos. 

Now, she focuses her writing in young adult fiction and fantasy, where she hopes to inspire audiences of all ages. She loves to fill her pages with excitement, motivation, sensitivity, and fill your heart with laughter from her comical and sarcastic humor. Cat has learned life is all about facing hardship and the outcome all depends on how you deal with it, whether alone, with your newly discovered ride or die friends, or your reluctant soul mate, which she creatively applies within her books.

Apart from writing, Cat spends her free time with some knitting needles, a crochet hook, or a sewing needle and crafts her own accessories and clothes, all while spinning her favorite records from the 60s, 70s, and 80s on the old victrola. She's also a life-long fan of Scooby Doo, the Monkees, and Nancy Drew. Currently, Cat is spending her days in Colorado with her husband and lovable fur baby. 

Christina Singh: Dear Parents...Lessons from Your Child's Teacher: The Parent and Teacher Guide to Creating a Better Bond

Christina Singh was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She began her teaching career in secondary education social studies before she moved with her husband to North Carolina. The social studies option was short lived, and soon Christina returned to school for a teaching license in special education. Once she began teaching, Christina returned to school two more times. Once for a master’s degree in special education and finally for a doctorate in educational leadership. Christina recently celebrated 20 years of marriage. Christina and her husband have two teenagers, a Spinone Italiano, and a British Short Hair at home. Christina has worked in the field of education for 20 years with students as young as kindergarten ranging all the way to adults. Christina moved to the beautiful state of Colorado about two years ago and is excited to make it her forever home. When Christina is not working, she is passionate about health and wellness and loves reading. Classic novels are her favorite.

DeeDee Lake, The Connection Expert – speaker, author, blogger, columnist, Christian life coach has been married for thirty-nine years, she speaks and writes about her passion – communication and connection. Currently, she is creating a course for young writers who want to write to the military community and fans.

She guides individuals how to experience extraordinary relationships one conversation at a time, with humor, storytelling, and purposeful communication. She’s outgoing, funny, and can out talk an auctioneer. After moving around four countries and most of the United States she can unpack a houseful of boxes lickety split.

DeeDee grew up a Navy Brat mostly in Spain. She jumped ship and married an Army officer. She’s lived in fifty houses and still loves to move her furniture around the house. DeeDee has never met a stranger. She loves people, expects the best, respects authority and other cultures, and is always inclusive. When you hear lots of people chatting and laughing, she’ll be at the center of it all.

DeeDee is the Author Relations Coordinator and Acquisitions for CrossRiver Media and loves hanging out in Zoom with their authors. Seems like every job she’s ever had, had something to do with chatting!

It is the theme of her life. She has dedicated her life to connections that honor God.


Erin Taylor is a Colorado native, living here her entire life. She has been investigating the paranormal since 2013, having been obsessed with everything ghostie since she was a little girl. Her first book, Sleeping Among Spirits, was introduced in the Fall of 2022 and documents her adventures of sleeping at well-known haunted locations throughout the United States. Her second book, Unfinished Business, was published in Spring of 2023 and tells true stories of locations with haunted restrooms and bathrooms. Both can be found on Amazon. Erin has published articles in The Morbid Curious journal and the United Kingdom’s Haunted magazine. When she’s not writing or hanging out in spooky places, Erin spends time with her family and fur babies, traveling, and attending concerts or the theater. You can find her on Facebook @ETaylor.Author and Twitter @spookyunico7n 

The Bios of GaGa and Judilee 

As co-authors living high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, GaGa Gabardi and Judilee Butler became fascinated with the state’s mining history. For this they thank the National Mining Museum in Leadville, Colorado. On a Saturday morning in 2019, they collaborated on a short story mystery and their first of a trilogy was born …  

The Last Hurrah A Phoebe Korneal Mystery, 

followed by The Last Slide A Phoebe Korneal Mystery, Third in the Series: The Last Line A Phoebe Korneal Mystery

This initial writing sparked a passion for developing quirky characters and stalwart women. They then added the value of life in small towns as a backdrop and an excuse for the fun use of Colorado history.  

Modern technology has led these two septuagenarians down the yellow brick road of long distance collaborative storytelling—Judilee in Wyoming and Florida, GaGa in Colorado. Throw in a mystery, a relentless female deputy sheriff, the small town of Oresville at an altitude of ten-five, and you have a fun read. What a ride! Thanks for listening! 

Here is our YouTube: March - YouTube


I'Sha'Keyva Porter was born in Richmond Heights Missouri, to a young single mother. At the age of 4, she and her mother relocated to the city of Colorado Springs. She always had a creative mind; dabbling in art, fashion, graphic design, and baking, but her true passion was writing. 

She started with short poems and stories that she shared among her friends in middle school. By high school she started working on her first book, which turned into a series. She self published those books starting in 2015. 

From there, her dreams of becoming an Author grew. She opened her mind to any knowledge that would help her on her long journey.

Now it is the year 2023, and she just released her first Dark Fantasy story, SHE SHIFTER. She plans to release another book by the end of the year. 

To follow along with her efforts, she welcomes you to visit her Author Instagram account, here


James Schannep is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) with a degree in English Literature and minor in General Engineering. After serving honorably, he left the service to write full time.

Author's Website:

Jim Henderson is a writer of fun, varied, and technically sound science fiction adventures with a bit of exploration of the human condition. He is also a long-term Air Force veteran and a cybersecurity professional with decades of experience in intelligence, communications, computers, and cyber operations. He has been a life-long aficionado of science fiction in almost every form - books, movies, TV, and games (role-playing, tabletop, and computer). When not mentally exploring the universe, he lives with his wife and stepson in Colorado Springs. He enjoys hiking in the mountains of Colorado, kayaking on its lakes, spending time with his family, and playing games. 

  Published Works: 

Jaunts of the Mantis (Independent, 2019) 

Expeditions of the Mantis (Independent, 2019) 

Far Mantis (Independent, 2019) 

Vast Mantis (Independent, 2019) 

Mantis Intrigue (Independent, 2020) 

Mantis Exile (Independent, 2020) 

Universe of the Mantis: An Encyclopedia of the Mantis Saga (Independent, 2020) 

Early Mantis (Independent, 2020) 

Mantis Homeward (Independent, 2021) 

Mantis Morphosis (Independent, 2022) 

Viper: Boat-571 (Independent, 2022) 

Mantis Short Triad (Independent, 2022) 

Mantis Infected (Independent, 2023) 


Misty Compton is an international bestselling memoir author, co-author, and founding writer and editor of Daggerwing Publishing House LLC. Her first book, Escapegoat Daughter, published in July 2022, has inspired many daughters raised by toxic mothers to heal from past traumas and pursue a healthy lifestyle. In March 2023, she coauthored Her Badass Story 3, sharing her fears of motherhood and raising a child of her own. Through her writing, she helps women grow, heal, and flourish after a difficult childhood and into the person they were meant to be! She is currently writing her first YA dystopian fiction novel series.

Misty was born in Ontario, Canada in 1993 and currently lives in suburban Colorado with her husband, son, and two miniature dachshunds. She graduated from Colorado Mesa University with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and from Aims Community College with an Associate’s degree in Police Science. She trained with Adam’s County Sheriff’s Office and earned her Peace Officer Standardized Training Certificate. Misty has established herself in the criminal justice field working for the Colorado Bureau of Investigation as a Fingerprint Examiner and Data Specialist, and in other honorable roles as a Police and Medical Emergency Dispatcher and Protective Force Officer. She has since left the criminal justice field to pursue her lifelong goal of becoming a full-time author.


In 2005, the need to help senior citizens negotiate the later stages of life led Monica Young to create her own senior move manager business (SMM). After eleven years and 1000-plus moves, she sold the business to a national organization. My books give back the wisdom learned over that career. For more information, visit

Author of over a dozen books for kids, Roxanne Troup writes picture books that celebrate wonder and family. She also writes engaging nonfiction for all ages. A local author, Roxanne enjoys hiking with her family, cheering at her kid's sporting events, and reading a good book. She loves to visit schools to water seeds of literacy and teach about writing. (And sometimes remembers to water the plants in her own garden.)




Terri Mongait is a certified Equine Gestalt Coach, Canfield Methodology Trainer, and transformational speaker. She is an award-winning author of Finding True Purpose ~ Life Beyond the Castle.  Her expertise is overcoming the obstacles and unraveling the stories that keep her clients from living their best, most successful life.  She is currently writing her next book Unraveling Your PTS, which will guide the reader to uncover their own Post Traumatic Stories that are keeping them from living their best and authentic life. By partnering with her herd of wisdom horses at Begin Again Ranch,Terri gets to the root of what’s currently holding her clients back from being their most awesome selves and teaches them the tools they need to stride with confidence into the future of the dreams they actually deserve. You can contact Terri at 

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