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Nimona - Teacher Guide

Nimona is the 2021 PPLD All Pikes Peak Reads selection. This guide is intended for teachers to use to incorporate the title in their classroom.

Additional Classroom Activities

Kagan strategies

  • 4 corners: Have students divide into groups in four different corners of the room based on their answer to the following question: Who is the true hero of the book? Nimona, Sir Goldenloin, Lord Blackheart, or some different answer. Hold a discussion - why did they choose that corner?
  • Use some of the “Big 5” Kagan strategies to have students discuss different prompts:

Prompt suggestions:

  1. List adjectives to describe Nimona.
  2. Describe your favorite scene from the book. Use as much detail as possible.
  3. List the emotions that Nimona probably felt when she was trapped in the tank made of jaderoot.
  4. Is Blackheart a villain or a hero?
  5. How do you feel about the institution? Are they good or bad?

Draw your own comic!

  • Pick a character (e.g. Doctor Meredith Blitzmeyer, The Director, The King) who has a small part in Nimona. This character now has a book of their own! Draw the first two comic panels in their graphic novel.
  • Comic panel blank templates

Draw yourself if you could shapeshift into any creature you wanted!

  • Why did you pick this creature? Make a list of the qualities and abilities of this creature.