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Nimona - Teacher Guide

Nimona is the 2021 PPLD All Pikes Peak Reads selection. This guide is intended for teachers to use to incorporate the title in their classroom.

Writing Prompts

The discussion questions and writing prompts have been written with the CDE standards of “Reading, Writing, and Communicating” in mind:

Oral Expression and Listening

Reading for all Purposes

Writing and Composition

Research Inquiry and Design

Grade Level

Standard Connection


Discussion question 1 - Standard 2, #1

Writing prompt 2 - Standard 1, #1

Writing prompt 3 - Standard 3, #3


Writing prompt 1 - Standard 2, #1

Writing prompt 2 - Standard 1, #1 and #2

Writing prompt 3 - Standard 3, #3 and #4

Writing prompt 4 - Standard 4, #1


Discussion question 2 - Standard 1, #1

Discussion question 4 - Standard 2, #2

Writing prompt 3 -  Standard 3, #3

Writing prompt 4 - Standard 4, #1

9/10 band

Discussion question 10 - Standard 1. #1

Discussion question 9 - Standard 2, #3

Writing prompt 7 -  Standard 3, #3

Writing prompt 6 -  Standard 4, #1

Middle School Questions

  1. Nimona develops into a multi-faceted character. In Chapter 10, Blackheart realizes Nimona might not be exactly who she claims to be in chapter 4. From whom does he seek information about Nimona, and what does he find out? Give specific examples to support your claim.

  1. Oral Question: Record yourself, or explain to your peers! What is one theme of Nimona? That is, what is “the underlying message or purpose of the story,” if there is one? Give specific examples to support your claim.

            (7th grade Level it Up: Pretend like you are preparing to speak your answer to the author

of this book. How would this change your presentation?)

(8th grade Level it Up: Divide students into groups based on themes. Hold a Socratic Seminar discussing their evidence for each theme throughout the book.)

  1. You’ve been tasked with writing a sequel to Nimona. What  would happen in your sequel? Please include the following as you write the an outline:
    1. Examples of dialogue
    2. Descriptive language
    3. Sequence of events

(7th grade Level it Up: Have students write an entire first chapter, to practice pacing.

Then have students peer review each other’s chapters).

(8th grade Level it Up: Try to use sensory imagery, in addition to descriptive language. Also, skip ahead to write the last chapter to show a conclusion that follows from and reflects on the narrated experiences or events).

  1. Research! Where do dragons appear in mythological texts? Do they all appear in similar ways across different cultures? What similar characteristics do these ancient dragons have with Nimona?

(8th grade Level it Up: Consider the sources you’ve looked at: How can you determine if the sources are relevant? How can you determine if the authors are trustworthy?)

  1. At heart, is Blackheart more of a superhero or a supervillain? Support your claim with evidence, and pretend that you are justifying your answer to someone who disagrees with you.

High School Questions

  1. Look at the “Heroes” entry from the UXL Encyclopedia of World Mythology. You can access the text through Gale Reference Center. Drawing evidence from this text and Nimona, analyze how the author transforms Nimona’s character into the hero of the book.
  2. You’ve been tasked with writing a sequel to Nimona. Write the first two chapters  (text only), including the following components:
    1. Introduce a narrator and at least two characters.
    2. Set up the problem/situation.
    3. Use narrative techniques, such as dialogue, pacing, description, reflection, and multiple plot lines, to develop experiences, events, and/or characters.
    4. Use a range of stylistic devices (for example: poetic techniques, figurative language, imagery.
    5. Skip forward and write the last chapter: Provide a conclusion that follows from and reflects on what is experienced, observed, or resolved over the course of the narrative.