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Nimona - Teacher Guide

Nimona is the 2021 PPLD All Pikes Peak Reads selection. This guide is intended for teachers to use to incorporate the title in their classroom.

Book Club Discussion Questions

Use the questions below either in a book club setting or in your classroom to get your students talking about Nimona.

Book Club Discussion Questions
  1. Discuss the setting of Nimona. Where does it take place? Could this story take place somewhere else? Is the time period contemporary? Future? What evidence can you give to support your answer?

  2. What do you think about Nimona’s shapeshifting? Would you like to be able to shapeshift? What would you turn yourself into?

  3. How do Nimona and Blackheart fit into the “superhero” genre? What’s the difference between a supervillain and a superhero?

  4. How does the format of graphic novel support the plot and help it to develop the overall themes of the book? Why do you think the author chose this format?

  5. How did you respond to the graphic novel format in reading Nimona? What did you like about the story? Is there anything you would change?

  6. How does the graphic novel in general, and Nimona in particular, differ from a traditional text novel? What is in a graphic novel that is not in a traditional text, and what is in a traditional text that is not in a graphic novel?

  7. Discuss the art in Nimona. What elements do you see? How does the artist use the space? What colors are used, and what do they represent?

  8. How does Nimona’s hair color reflect her character, as it changes throughout the book?

  9. Throughout the text, the author often has a character use the word “science” vaguely. (e.g. the first instance is on the bottom of page 7 - “HALT, YOU VILLAINS! UNHAND THAT SCIENCE!”) Why do you think the author intentionally uses such a vague term so many times throughout the book, and what point does she justify by her word choice?

  10. Lord Blackheart and Nimona have an interesting relationship. Which one of the following relationships do you think best describes them, and why? Separate into 4 corners of the room based on the following 4 options. Discuss as a group, then share out with the class.

    1.  Father - daughter

    2. Friend - friend

    3. Villain - sidekick (who is the real sidekick?)

    4. Hero - sidekick (who is the real sidekick?)