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Discovery Kit Guides

Descriptions and resources for available kits to check out through PPLD

About This Kit

This 3D magnetic building set engages young minds by fusing together math, science, and creativity! Magnetic edges allow the plastic to easily snap and stay together! The set comes with an array of shapes (large and small squares and three different types of triangles) encouraging kids to imagine and build all sorts of different objects and structures. In addition to inspiring imaginary play, MAGNA-TILES develop math, science, spatial and tactile skills. 

Recommended for ages 3+





How to Check Out This Kit

Discovery Kits can be reserved in the catalog for pickup at any PPLD location. They check out for seven days but can be renewed as long as there are no holds.

Due to the size of the kits, all Discovery Kits must be returned to library staff at the main desk during regular business hours. Please do not return this item to a book drop.

Learning Outcomes

Playing and experimenting with MAGNA-TILES will encourage users to do the following:

  • Open-ended play spurs imagination and creativity
  • Develop building and construction skills, hand-eye coordination, manual dexterity, fine motor skills
  • Develop creative problem solving skills
  • Develop concentration and familiarity with basic math concepts (shape recognition, symmetry, spatial reasoning, patterning skills) 
  • Begin to understand magnetic principles


Getting Started

Lay out the pieces and experiment with snapping them together. You can identify different shapes and colors with younger children. Encourage kids to experiment with how the different shaped pieces snap together to form new shapes and 3D structures. Then imagine and build!