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Discovery Kit Guides

Descriptions and resources for available kits to check out through PPLD

About This Kit

This fun set invites children to use a variety of gears and other pieces to build a robot atop a motorized base and then command it with a wireless remote control! Kids can choose any combination of gears, claws, heads, and other pieces to snap together and create their robot, and then use the wireless remote control to direct the robot to roll and turn in any direction they choose--from up to 50 feet away! Then they can take their robot apart, and build an entirely new one!

A building guide with building tips and step-by-step directions for creating four different GEAR-BOTS makes a good starting point, or go ahead and try out your own ideas!

Recommended for ages 4 - 10


How to Check Out This Kit

Discovery Kits can be reserved in the catalog for pickup at any PPLD location. They check out for seven days but can be renewed as long as there are no holds.

Due to the size of the kits, all Discovery Kits must be returned to library staff at the main desk during regular business hours. Please do not return this item to a book drop.

Learning Outcomes

Playing and experimenting with Remote-Control GEAR-BOTS will encourage users to do the following:

  • Learn how to design and build a simple robot
  • Utilize creativity and imagination to design a robot/ enjoy free play
  • Utilize manual dexterity to build and control a robot
  • Think about what purposes for which robots are designed and how they are used
  • Learn to follow visual building directions

Getting Started

Start by laying out all of the pieces and experimenting with how the gears, claws, heads, etc. snap together.

Look at the building tips in the guide and experiment with adding wheels to the motorized base.

Follow the directions to turn on the power switch for the motorized base from "off" to "on" (a red light will blink on the top of the base). Slide the power switch on the wireless remote control to "on" (the light on the remote control will blink as it syncs up with the base). When both the base and remote control are synced, the lights on both will stop blinking and stay red, and the remote control is now ready to use.

Practice pushing the knobs on the remote control to make the base move.

Add a riser to the connection point on the motorized base. Add connectors and risers to build higher. Attach gears to connectors. To make them spin, attach them to the connector so that they interlock.

You can start by building one or all four GEAR-BOTS featured in the Building Guide, or experiment and try your own design! Use the remote control to make you robot move forward, backward, left, or right!