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Discovery Kit Guides

Descriptions and resources for available kits to check out through PPLD

About this kit

Understanding basic electronics is a beneficial skill for all ages. Electricity is all around us in our daily lives, but many do not understand how a light turns on or how a battery operates. The Electronic Playground introduces these basic concepts with easy-to-understand projects in varying degrees of difficulty.

*Recommended for ages 10 and up



How to check-out this kit

Discovery Kits can be reserved in the catalog for pickup at any PPLD location. They check out for seven days but can be renewed as long as there are no holds.

Due to the size of the kits, all Discovery Kits must be returned to library staff at the main desk during regular business hours. Please do not return this item to a book drop.

Learning Outcomes

After exploring and completing experiments #1 and #2, users will be able to:

· Describe some of the basic electronic components including:

            - Wires

            - Battery/generator

- Switch

- Resistor

· Interpret illustrated diagrams and schematics

· Interpret the steps in a wiring checklist

· Build a circuit using wires


Getting Started

· Lay the kit out on a flat surface

· Unpack box and familiarize self with parts

· Attach the provided battery

· Read the Introduction to Basic Components section in the booklet

· Locate the troubleshooting guide (pg. 71)

· Start experimenting!


*Learning outcomes can be accomplished by completing experiments #1 and  #2. Beyond those, experiments can be done in any order. We recommend checking out #7, #10, #26, #27, #28, #29.