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Adult Programs

Find links to videos, craft programs, and more in this guide!


Join fellow artists for arts month in Colorado Springs. Get support, inspiration, and share your work with other artists in the community. Work on personal projects or follow along with any of the challenges listed in our programming libguide. Improve your skills, challenge yourself, and meet other artists in the community! In our support group, we will chat about our projects, PPLD's prompts, and our staff will go over some exercises to keep yourself calm and your muscles prepared.

PPLD Prompts

Pikes Peak Library District Prompts for Arttober:

Follow along with these prompts in your preferred art style! Do all of them, some of them, or only a couple. These prompts are aimed at helping you work on your skill sets and getting artsy for October. Tag us in social media @PikesPeakLibraryDistrict on Instagram and Facebook, and @ppld on Twitter! And as always, visit us at for information about upcoming programs, events, our online resources, and more. 


10/1: Your favorite book                         10/2: Your least favorite book

10/3: Character from a book                  10/4: Your favorite Colorado Springs work of art

10/5: How a book made you feel           10/6: A library resource

10/7: Your favorite library                       10/8: Bookshelves

10/9: Researching                                  10/10: An artist at work

10/11: Reading                                       10/12: Computers

10/13: Unique libraries/collections         10/14: A dragon’s hoard

10/15: Pages                                          10/16: Bookworm

10/17: A character who loves books      10/18: A library card design

10/19: Mountain                                     10/20: Listening to a book

10/21: An art walk                                  10/22: Book formats

10/23: A librarian                                    10/24: Scene from a book

10/25: Scrolls                                         10/26: Browsing

10/27: Theater performance                  10/28: An ancient library

10/29: A punk book jockey                    10/30: Scariest literary being

10/31: Halloween in Colorado

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