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Audio Editing & Production

A guide to Audacity, GarageBand and FL Studio, three free Digital Audio Workstations.


As sound is picked up by a microphone or is created by an instrument, the level (volume) should register on the Recording Meter on a scale of -60 decibels to 0 decibels.  If a signal fills the meter completely, clipping or audio distortion occurs, which is undesirable. The user can use the Recording Volume Slider (referenced in this guide's User Interface Elements sub-page under Toolbar Elements) to adjust the level and avoid this. The input volume can also be adjusted on the audio interface, if an input is being used. 


To begin recording, use the ‘Record’ button in the transport section.  A track or multiple tracks will appear and begin scrolling to the right. The volume of recorded audio is displayed as a blue waveform. 

To stop recording, use the ‘Stop’ button or hit the space bar. At this point, an audio region has been created. When you resume recording, it will automatically begin at the end of the last audio region created.