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HSD2 Literary Canon - 8th Grade


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Mikaela Fortune
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Welcome to the Harrison School District 2 Literary Canon!

This guide is intended to connect you with resources that can help you with the texts you are reading in class. Select the unit you are in from the left side of the page, and explore overviews, videos, and further reading.

Some links will require you to login in with your PowerPass. If you've forgotten your login information, here's what you need to do:

  1. The student’s login will be HSD2[Student Id #].
  2. For a student with the ID # of 12345, their login would be HSD212345.
  3. The student’s pin number will be the month and day of their birthday.
  4. For a student with the birthday January 1, their pin would be 0101.

Use the links below to find guides for other grades.