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3D Drop-off Services

Interested in utilizing PPLD's 3D drop-off services? This guide covers everything you need to know for submitting and picking up your 3D drop-off.


Library 21c: (719) 531-6333 x1539

East Library: (719) 531-6333  x2353

Sand Creek Library: (719) 531-6333 x7018


PPLD is offering 3D printing through drop-off services during COVID-19. Some patrons may be familiar with this service, formerly only available at Library 21c. Now, 3D drop-offs are simpler than ever before and available at all three makerspace locations: East Library, Sand Creek Library, and Library 21c.

Use this guide to learn more about our 3D drop-off policy, how to submit a model for drop-off, where to find free online 3D models, and how to check if your print is within the 5-hour limit.

What to Know


  • Submissions:
    • Require a valid PPLD library card.
    • Can be submitted through Google form or in-person at the makerspaces. Visit the Submit Your Drop-off tab on the left of this page to learn more.
    • Have a 5-hour maximum print time. Not sure how long your print will take? Use instructions on the Using Cura to Preview Print Time tab.
    • Must be one of our accepted files: .STL and .OBJ
    • Must adhere to the the District Procedures section of the Makerspace Policy. Read the policy using the link at the bottom of this box.
    • Please only submit one drop-off request at a time. You may submit a new request once you are notified the first is complete.


  • Picking up your print:
    • You can pick up completed prints at the library you indicated in your submission. The location where you will pick up at each library will be specified in the email notifying you that your dropoff is complete.
    • Prints cost $0.05 per gram. This charge will be billed through your PPLD account.
    • Submissions must be picked up within 30 days of completion. Any prints not picked up within 30 days will still be billed to the associated account, and the print will be recycled.


We are unable to guarantee completion of submissions by a certain date. Turnaround time varies based on the size of the queue, which can be as long as 2 - 3 weeks.